We are open again!


On Monday, May 10, the Viewing Tower of the New City Hall re-opens to the public. Opening hours will be as usual, starting on May 10, we will be open for you Mon – ⁠Sun 9:00 – ⁠19:00. However, due to the current situation, please take into account the following restrictions:

  • on weekdays, the main entrance to the New City Hall building will remain closed, but you can easily enter the city hall building through the side door (to the right of the main entrance).
  • on weekends the main entrance to the city hall will be open
  • the lift to the infocentre can be used by only 2 people at a time (or 6 people in case of family)
  • the infocentre itself can have a maximum of 4 people at a time (or 6 people in the case of a family)
  • our employee will be present on the terrace to answer any questions you may have, but for operational reasons, full-scale guided viewing will not be provided on the top terrace until further notice



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